Review Of Mind Movies

Lots of people believe there is some secret formula for being successful, or that only people genetically programmed for success will achieve it. This is not true. Success in any aspect of life is partly perception: how do you feel about where you are now?

It is also about what you do to change aspects of life you are unsatisfied with. Mind Movies are being utilized to change people’s realities in a way similar to visualization, just taking out some of the steps to make it go faster and fit into a busy lifestyle. This review will discuss the pros and cons of Mind Movies.

Mind MoviesChange without Work

Visualization is at the root of life-changing practices which work on your subconscious mind. It helps a person to attract success by seeing it, feeling it, and believing it. This could be success in love life, professional satisfaction, or better health.

To achieve one’s goal requires many hours of visualization and meditation each week. Some people would say this is too much effort. They would rather find a quicker way to get what they want. This is where Mind Movies come in.

Mind Movies play in the background when a person sleeps, or when she is doing something else (knitting or playing with the kids in front of the television). Messages reach the viewer subliminally: in other words, they are not apparent or overt. They reach into a person’s subconscious to alter thinking habits. This person also sees images which are meant to give her inspiration for the future.

Great News

At first glance, this system seems like a win-win product. The consumer does very little at all, not even setting time aside to focus on the movie and nothing else. It can play over and over. There are free versions on the internet and versions for purchase in a number of categories. How can anyone lose?


As one review mentioned, using Mind Movies is the lazy way of applying techniques of the Law of Attraction: visualization, etc. One has to realize that visualizing the future does not mean just picturing it and then sitting back to watch the world unfold as per one’s dreams.

When done as suggested, these techniques motivate action and personal growth. They give a person the inspiration to pursue what once seemed pointless. Action is part of success. In other words, being lazy is not going to get a person anywhere.

So, there is a good chance that using these movies and subliminal messaging alone will only take a person a little way towards her objective. In fact, if she rests on a shortcut as her one and only method of adjusting her thinking, she could wind up disappointed.

How to use Mind Movies

Think of Mind Movies as extra equipment, not the only piece needed. They can augment and even speed up the process of attracting achievement. One might cut her meditation time and hours of visualization in half while incorporating this new technique. If reviewers are anything to go by, they will look and feel inspiring, but are not quite enough on their own. At the very least, trying out a free version is a good way to formulate an unbiased opinion.